Book: Home – The Lockdown Collection

The Year that ‘Home’ Became All and Everything


When we grew our own veg, baked a lot of bread, went on walks, read more books, learnt more about the world we live in, had endless zoom socials, took summer holidays in the UK, rediscovered cookery books plus lots of Netflix. 

The novelty only lasted a few months and then the sense of unknown kicked in. We started missing our social lives . . . missing eating out . . . missing travelling and it is here that ‘Home’ was born.

Home Cookery Book by Neha Hampton

This collection of recipes reflects on the 12 months of live cook-alongs that have held me up during Covid. A monthly 90 minutes that reconnected me to the world, that allowed me to travel again with my stories and recipes and share my love for global cuisine.

Recovery is on the horizon but sadly this is not equitable, so, for each book sold I will donate £5 to fund a vaccine through the Vaccine Alliance who aim to reach the world’s most vulnerable people in these difficult times.  

To be able to take this collection and do good is simply a dream come true.