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Pestle Curry Pastes


At Pestle, we are not just about great food, we are here to connect with different cultures and communities in an authentic and meaningful way.

This exploration is fuelled by curiosity and a passion for global cuisine… we will take you on a journey to explore the history of some of our favourite dishes and by doing so challenge our own understanding of their origins.

Each paste is freshly chopped, roasted, ground & blended in Sussex to recreate dishes from South East Asia and the Indian Sub continent bringing authentic flavours to your table.


  • From our suppliers to our 100% biodegradable packaging, we protect the planet in every way we can  

 • Recipes are simple & easy to use bringing authentic flavours to your table 

 • Creating connections with the world around us through shared stories of history and people  

 • Our products are suitable for vegans & vegetarians & free from gluten  

 • Our pastes have a 1 month refrigerated shelf life, pop them straight in the fridge or freeze and use within 3 months  


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Fresh Curry Pastes by Pestle Ltd