Hi, I’m Neha Hampton (née Patel), first generation born in the UK to Indian parents. I live in the beautiful West Sussex countryside. I have a passion for food, travel, yoga and music.

Having spent the majority of my adult life ‘making a living’ I decided to change and make a life doing the things that I love. This project was born from a desire to live well. My passion for food allows me to indulge, to nurture and to detox… for me, living well isn’t about rules or boundaries, there are enough of those. For me, it’s about equilibrium, it’s about finding your own balance.

My creativity comes from a traditional Gujarati upbringing, where food was at the heart & centre of daily life. Some of my earliest memories include rolling chapattis, preparing spicy pickles, mango season and rare hot British summers making homemade popaddoms.

Whilst Indian food creates my backbone, my travels around the world have inspired an extensive repertoire spanning Asian, Middle Eastern, African, European and South American Cuisine.